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On Gaia

Even in our modern world today, a place where very few actually live from the hand of nature, many still have heard the term "Mother Nature." Most people never give the phrase much thought, other than their understanding of it inherited from some commercial or product slogan. "Treat yourself to a soy crisp, fresh from Mother Nature!" Or perhaps people have heard her name from their news reports, when a bad weather event has happened. Images of buildings wrecked by tornadoes or hurricanes are flashed, instilling fear as a way to capture one's attention, often accompanied by words of doom describing "the wrath of Mother Nature." For should not one fear nature as a dangerous and horrid place? Do we not have it so much better in a planned and controlled civilization, where all of the important life-decisions are already made for us?

This demonization of nature as unclean, disease-ridden, unsafe and deadly has long been a theme proffered by the minions of the new religion of Science. But there really is nothing new in their vilifying of all things natural, for they learned it well from their predecessors, the children of God. Both have a healthy hatred for all things from nature. Both view nature as a competitor which they seek to destroy in an effort to usurp the power of life itself. And because the power of life is often seen as something in the province of the female, for she gives birth to new life, women often bear the brunt of such slavery, rape, control, subversion and murder - all things which the minions of both Science and Monotheistic Religion have done to nature for centuries.

Yet, even in these barbaric and wretched times of mental and physical slavery, remembrances of the beauty and goodness of what was still manages to come forth, even if only in small and quiet ways. And this is the case with what is called in these times, Gaia Theory. In actuality, this concept is nothing new at all, and in reality is just a reflection of what used to be universally understood by all of mankind, going back hundreds of thousands of years. But most of us were not born into such natural times and places, so we must start from where we are now and journey back in time to Her, peeling back the layers imposed upon us by all of those countless conquerors and enslavers of mind, body and Spirit throughout the centuries and Aeons.

To begin with, let us imagine the modern conception of the biology of your own body. Have you never marveled at the wonder of all of the life contained therein? Yes, you are alive, as a body. But that body is made up of endless other life - growing, reproducing, multiply, decaying, dying - all in an endless parade of movement and purpose. There is no part of you which does not consist of more life. All of your flesh is in fact smaller cells and organisms, all busy with movement and purpose. Each of these cells is alive. Each of these organisms will die. All of these beings will reproduce in one way or another. People don't often call them beings, but they are. They are individuals, existing in their own world, with their own type of awareness and consciousness, imbued with their own actions and purposes. Are they aware of you? Are you aware of them?

People think of themselves as a singularity, a person, an identity. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is in fact true. But it is not the whole of the story. It is also true that you are a colony of billions of other creatures. And these creatures cluster together into different systems of purpose which make up the different functions of your body. In the gut, for example, there are hosts of different creatures responsible for nutrient processing, waste disposal, and myriads of other functions including the affecting of your thoughts, moods and even dreams. And depending upon what you eat, the makeup of these colonies may change completely from one group of creatures to another, which in turn changes many things for the body itself.

So where is the 'you in all of this? You are made up of billions of other creatures, all with their own consciousness, working together as a highly complicated colony with thousands of different functions and abilities, which allow for all of the things which bodies do: walking, eating, reproducing, thinking, observing, sleeping. And yet, we are unaware of them, and they seem to be unaware of 'us'. How can this be? And yet it is.

Now let us turn to this planet of life, called the Earth. Is it not also teaming with life, with systems, with myriads of creatures all with interdependent systems of living, moving, and acting? Are not they all, too, endowed with purpose in their movements? Life can only exist within life. It is the same everywhere in existence. Where there is movement and purpose, there is life. Great or small, it matters not. You are a cell within the body of Gaia. Gaia (pronounced guy-ah) is the consciousness of the body of the Earth, in the same way that you are the consciousness of your own body. The reflection of things in greater and lesser systems, form the big down to the small, is what the ancients mean when they would say, "as above, so below". As it is with Gaia, so it is with you. As it is with you, so it is with Gaia. And to carry this understanding a step further, as it is with Gaia, so it is with the greater body of the universe, whom we call the goddess Nuit (pronounced new-it), the grandmother of all.

So now it should be clear that the cells in our body are alive, born into a web of life called our body, which is the purpose of the existence. Each of those cells contain a spark of life, inherited from Spirit, the source of all life. If you remove the cells from the body, which is their matrix, they die. This body which they compose makes a higher being, which is you. You also have your own Spirit, connected to the greater spirit of all, which gives you life. You, too, were born into a greater body of the Earth. This is why She is your Mother. She is not your immediate, biological mother, but rather the greater matrix for life into which you were born, that supports your own life, just as your body is mother to all of the cells and life that it supports. And just as cells do not live for long outside of the support of the body you were born into, so to is it true for you and your relation to Gaia. You would not live long outside of the matrix of Her Body, which is the Earth.

We need Her air, Her water, Her nourishment from the other life which She grows. Her ways are holy and sacred, in that without them all life will cease, and we will die. They are good, in that Her Body always produces more life and more abundance, by the nature of Her own life and presence. And in Her Body we humans were originally created with a specific function as Guardians of Her ways, and all of the life therein. Exactly the same as white blood cells do in your own body, so too, are we to Gaia. That was our original purpose, before corruption entered the body, and tried to change us from being the Guardians of life on this planet.

So yes, we Ophidians worship Gaia. And we worship Nuit. And we worship an endless host of other good and beautiful beings. But not as the wicked monotheists - those misshapen children of 'god' - claim that we do. They are projecting their own slavery and degeneration onto us. They are tormented by fear from their own tyrannical 'god' who forces them to worship him, under penalty of torture and eternal damnation. These worshippers of 'god' see nature, Mother Nature, Gaia Herself, as a threat to the reign of their own god, who is in reality a demon lord. They project their own sorry state of spiritual slavery onto the good people of the Earth, condemning them for "worshipping Gaia". All the while it is they who worship their tyrannical and controlling deity, who demands their service.

No, we do not 'worship' Gaia in that way. That is not in actuality worship. That is being fed upon. There is a difference.

Gaia is our Mother, without whom we cannot live. Our living in harmony with Her and Her Body is our worship. It is our inherited Divinity. She is our Goddess, which is to say our greater divine Mother, who supports all life. We were originally created to help balance and regulate all life upon her body, as Guardians of that life. That Guardianship was not just over the biological aspects of life, but more importantly the spiritual aspects of life, which are now all but forgotten. But She has not forgotten us. And She is waiting to teach us Her Ways, again, if we but listen to Her callings, and reintegrate ourselves back into our proper places. If we but reclaim our natural place in life.

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