The Ophidian Way

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The Ophidian Way

The Ophidian Way is a response for those who feel deep in their being that something is terribly wrong with the world in which we are made to live. The Ophidian Way is an answer to those who know that there must be a better way to live, to love, and to find meaning than what is offered by the various modern forms of society into which we were all born. And it is a way for those who see the futility and feel the frustration of these endless systems of greed, control, slavery and illusion which are destroying life and the very planet upon which we live.

The Ophidian Way represents a return to the natural, indigenous way of life which humans have lived for many hundreds of thousands of years. The principles of this way were taught to us by the spirits and ancestors of our land, our Genius Loci, and they represent the only way forward for those of humanity who wish to survive the impending collapse of modernity. The Ophidian Way is only for those who are called to this path in their hearts and souls. It is not for anyone else.

The Ophidian Way is a Reclamation, of our families, of our heritage, of our sanity, and of the goodness which is born out of a spiritual relationship with Gaia, our Great Mother from whom we were born, and to whom we shall return. This ancestral way of living restores the harmony of life not only for ourselves, but for all life around us.

There are no groups to join, or fees to pay, or beliefs to adhere to. There is no one you must talk to, no forms to fill out, and no tests to pass. The only necessary thing to do is to find some land, learn the Principles of Natura, and implement them in your daily life. It is that simple. Do this, and you will begin to become an Ophidian. Do this, and you will become the living change which can survive what might come, and change the future for the better. Your life will become a living ritual for change. And you will begin to learn not only to survive, but to discover the strength, joy and beauty of life which is lost by so many in this world today. But even if you do not yet have any land upon which to practice your new indigene, you can begin to prepare yourself for the time when you will.

Therefore, if you feel a yearning in your soul for a different kind of life other than the one in which you have been made to live, then take some time to read through the writings here on the Ophidian Way. See if you can imagine yourself doing the things which our ancestors did, living in the way similar to them, but also in your own way, as you rediscover your own relationship to Gaia. There will be no one to tell you what to do against your will, or to coerce you into any beliefs or superstitions. Your experiences and learning in life will come from the hand of Gaia Herself, guided by the loving suggestions from the voice of those who have gone before. And that is all that anyone needs.

Disclaimer: The Ophidian Way is a voluntary and private spiritual path. People come to the Ophidian Way because they feel a calling or resonance within their being with the Ophidian Principles, and the Ophidian way of life. No person who is not Ophidian should ever be coerced, recruited, converted or proselytized to in any manner, for that in itself would be a violation of the Ophidian Principles. The Ophidian Way should be kept private, sacred and protected from the other ways in which people attempt to live at this time in history, and not profaned in their presence. The Ophidian Way is realized in material action through the way families and associated tribes live on their lands, care for each other, and increase the bounty of Spirit and Life in their presence. The Ophidian Way, by its very nature, is not compatible with modern political systems, forms of governance, religions or technological usurpations. The Ophidian Way operates exclusively in a self-directed manner at the crossroads between Ophidian individuals and their families, their ancestors, Spirit and Gaia.

This web site and its content will be kept as low-tech and simple as possible. We do not believe in coercing would-be Ophidians with flashy marketing or propaganda, emotional promises, cult of personality images of other Ophidians, or other such subliminal tricks or NLP. Either the words will resonate with you, or they will not. This path is either part of your being, or it is not. You are Ophidian, or you are not. Most will not be. We seek to reach only the few who are. It is really that simple.

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