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The Wild-Eyed God of the Mountain

I am from the wilderness. I follow the old ways of the untamed soul. In those most ancient times, it was well known that the subtle whispers of Spirit within one's Soul could not be heard over the clamor and demand of 'civilized' living. For to live in civilization meant to live under the influence and control of others. So how could one claim the Dominion of one's soul, and all of the powers therein, if one were beholden to the command of others? How indeed. But I speak from other times, in languages and ideas long forgotten. No one thinks that way anymore. No one understands that a different way of living is possible. No one even knows that one's own Spirit, let alone its Dominion, actually exists. For how can one long for something which one has never known? How can one search for something which one cannot even conceive of? It is quite a problem.

This path to one's own Dominion of Spirit has been difficult for some time, now. This difficulty began when we as people left our indigene, so many, many lifetimes ago. This problem of lack of Dominion did not exist in Sangri La, in Eden, in Hesperides, in whatever old name they give it now. For we lived in a human-scale manner, doing each thing we needed for ourselves, or for our tribe. We did not employ or enslave others by threat of violence to do it for us. Individual Dominion was sacred.

But then we were changed. Or some of us were. And everything about our existence was changed. And humanity began to lose its place in paradise. Humanity began to lose their own autonomy as others began to control us and use us for all sorts of ends. Humanity began to lose its soul, that sacred place which once housed one's own Spirit was now a house to the ideas, motives and commands of others who ruled over them. And people mourned for the old ways of spiritual contentment and happiness of the soul. Still others learned to become like the slave lords, and use their fellow man for whatever advantage they could squeeze from them. And the gates to paradise were closed to humanity, and the people were cast out for fear of what they had become.

But there are those who still live in the Wilderness, who are shadowed from the gaze of the Slave Lords. We are wild and free spirits who are yoked only to the service of our own Spirits, not to the Will and Dominion of others. And, most importantly for you, we know the Path to the Wild-Eyed God who lives on the Holy Mountain.

I beckon to you, true seekers who carry the age-old sorrow in your souls. I beckon you to seek this path, for this path which leads to our Lord the Wild God is the same that leads to one's own Dominion. The road to the Holy Mountain is the same road as the road to one's own liberation. It is the path which I beckon you to, true seekers of Spirit. It is the path of the Reclamation. And it is the path for which they seek to vilify me for, in the towering halls of civilization. They call me liar. They call me crazy, insane. They call me dangerous. For I am from the wilds, and I am a threat to all of that which they have gathered into their grip and hold tight to. And this is all true. For I seek to shatter the bonds of enslavement which they hold over you.

The Soul is an alien and strange place to most, in these times. It is chided, cursed, reviled and disbelieved in. It is a battlefield, an arena of war, in which many different forces and beings vie for its control. But it was not always so. The Soul has been assaulted, Aeon after Aeon, by those who seek to enslave it in their service. First came the Warrior Lords who subdued and enslaved the people through violence, rape, torture and all forms of coercion. They replaced the image of one's Spirit and purpose in one's soul with their own. The people were made to serve them, instead of their own Spirit. In this way, they conquered an Aeon. And then shadowing and lying Lords arose. These Lords saw the sorrow and shame within the souls of the people, and saw a way to use that to their own advantage. This was the rise of the Savior Lords who promise relief from such horrors, in exchange for allegiance to them. In this way they soothed and consoled the people, and captured their souls for themselves, in exchange for promises of salvation and a return to a heavenly place which the people longed for. But it was just another trick, and the people became more disheartened than ever, living in a world of belief and shame and guilt, turning on each other in fear and anger. And by doing this, the Savior Lords ruled for an Aeon. But then new Lords arose, exhorting the people to rebellion against the fear and shame of the Savior Lords. The new lords emboldened the people to break the bonds sin and guilt, and to reject this false belief in an other-worldly heaven which the Savior Lords falsely promised. These new Lords, the Lords of Self, preached the way of the animal senses and the supremacy of the Material World over all else. And in this way, the Lords of Self are beginning to rule the New Aeon in which you are living today. It is a time when the people are made to disbelieve in anything other than their own self-importance, leaving their souls empty of purpose and direction, other than the indulgence in all of the animal senses, lusts and predilections. And so the material age is born, where all things of matter, and even Gaia Herself, is consumed for the debaucherous pleasures of the Lords of Self.

And so here you sit, soulless, empty, purposeless, staring into your technology day after day, seeking another distraction, another reason to live. Empty pleasures and debaucheries must always escalate, in order to achieve the same orgasmic result for the animal, again, because it is unconnected to Spirit, which nourishes and sustains. All that was holy, all that was good and purposeful, has been taken from you over the Aeons. And the people do not even know it. They have never known anything else. The pictures on the screens of the technology show people in such happiness, such lust, such joy. But it is all an illusion projected by the Lords of the Self. The animal has been severed from the spirit. The untethered lusts of the beast now consume itself, leaving the people hollowed out and empty, devoid of any greater purpose. Happiness is fleeting. Contentment is unknown. There is only the ever-present insatiable lust for more material power, which is ever unfulfilling. Nature and man have been despiritualized and their existence made meaningless by the Lords of Self.

But I am from the Wilderness. And I will tell you one of the simple Truths I have learned. Real happiness and contentment are never fleeting. Real happiness exists in the Soul, and it does not come and go. It does not depend upon the presence of others, or the chemicals by which you suppress your depression, or the power of material possessions or the distractions this all provides for you. Real happiness and lasting contentment comes from the feeling of connection to one's own Spirit, which alights and fills and expands one's own Soul. Those others things may provide distraction from your pain and emptiness. But distraction from pain and emptiness is not happiness, and is not lasting. Distraction does not change your situation. It is addiction. It is and addiction to a moment without the feeling of pain and emptiness. Yet no one ever questions the true source of their pain and emptiness, despite al of the mundane reasons and experiences which appear to cause it in your life. The pain and emptiness you feel is because your Soul has been stolen from you. Your pain and suffering are due to the fact that your Soul is being fed upon and used by these nefarious Lords. Your Soul, your life energy, is in their service. And they will punish you terribly if you attempt to leave their service.

I come from the Wilderness. I come from the place where the Wild-Eyed God lives on the Mountain. He is the Son of a Great Goddess. The Wilderness is still their Domain. You no longer know their names. For how could you? You have never known them. You have never known their joyous company. You have never known the feeling of true freedom, the ecstasy of the Spirit liberated from the bonds of enslavement, doing its purpose amongst the living. You only know what is shown on the screens of your technology, echoed and reflected into your empty souls. You bear a false light in the depths of your being, put there by Lords of Tyranny, False Religion and Self-importance.

It is all you have ever known.

Ask yourself, does a slave who was born into slavery, and has only ever known other slaves, know that they are a slave? How could they? One cannot know something which one has never experienced. One can only know fantasy or blind belief in the opinions of others, without experience. The Wilderness is the place beyond the reach and control of 'civilization'. It is a place of communion with the spirits of the natural world beyond the control of the Slave Lords, beyond distraction and the falsities and power-struggles of humanity and its demons. It is the place beyond the reach of their technology.

You cannot imagine that place, because it is not a place you have ever known. I cannot tell you what it is like, on that Great Mountain, dancing with the Wild-Eyed God, under the watchful gaze of the Great Liberating Mother. No, you have no reference for that. I cannot convince you of the existence of such happiness and contentment. You do not know what that means. You can only imagine your own lack of pain and emptiness. I cannot give you that experience. You must seek it out on your own. All I can do is lead you to that Path. The Path to the Mountain. And you must make that journey, yourself.

This journey begins like all true quests, with bravery. You must have the fortitude, the strength, the wild-eyed craziness to be brave, and break the shackles of the Slave Lords who own you. Whether you know it or not, they do own you. You must destroy the screens which you look at every day. You must shatter the technology which binds you. You must take the fear which underlies the false security of their systems by the horns, and wrestle that fear to be under your control, not theirs. They have built systems of dependencies within your Soul for centuries, and they must ALL be dismantled. But it starts with shattering the screen in front of you. Destroy them. Tear your eyes away from the false images. Unplug your Soul from their machines.

At first, the Silence will be deafening. The silence will be terrifying to the newly escaped slave. You will feel more alone than you have imagined possible. The Slave Lords are counting on this, so that you run back into their grasp. Be brave! Hold fast! Listen! For in that silence, one may begin to hear a distant and subtle voice. One which you have never heard before. It will seem strange at first, but somehow enticing in its distant familiarity. Follow Her Voice, for it will lead to the path which you seek, the Path of Liberation form the Slave Lords. The Path will seem lonely for quite some time. You will miss the addictions and distraction of old - so much easier was it to succumb and submit.

Hold fast! Fight for you Soul. It is yours, not theirs! Walk the path, even in loneliness. Never turn back! And in doing so, find your Will for the first time. Seek not to console your loneliness with companionship along the way, for not all seekers are on the same path as you, for the same reasons. Some paths cross, but not all paths head to the same destination. Do not confuse the light before their eyes with your own. You will know your true companions, if you see the light of the Wild-Eyed God in their Eyes. You will know your true companions if they sing the song of the Great Liberating Mother from their hearts. You will know your companions, if their footsteps lead up the Mountain to Shangri La, to Eden, to Hesperidies, to that place where you must go to, even though you cannot imagine what it is truly like to be there. For the light at the top of the Mountain is your Spirit, and your journey there shall be the Reclamation of your Soul.

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