The Ophidian Way

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The New Indigene


Let us state from the very beginning, that I am not here to save any one or any thing. We have not come to save the country. We have not come to save the environment. We have not come to save the people who are oppressed. And we have certainly not come to fight the tyranny which sweeps across the face of this world. No, our goal is not to save this system of governance, or correct that system of thought. Our goal is not to stop the horror of what is happening. For we could not, even if we wanted to more than anything. There is nothing anyone could ever do to stop the collapse of humanity which fast approaches, the seeds of which were planted long ago by those who prey upon us. No, we will not seek to stop, or even try to change, the course of the future, that wretched span of time which has already been written by the Fates. But we Ophidians will survive it, I can assure you of that.

I have been sent to act as a guide, with a light held high in the darkness, to light the way through these times for those few who still feel Spirit stirring in their souls. This is the Ophidian Way, the taking of the Hand of Gaia, which will lead to the Golden Path of the future, beyond the coming horror. I can not save you, but I can help guide you through the dark time of this Aeon. And by the light of my torch perhaps you can find your own path to the Golden Future. I can not walk that path for you, but perhaps when you become an Ophidian, we can walk it together as brothers and sisters of the light, sharing a common purpose, freely chosen.

As we will show you, there is but one way to survive the technological tyranny and impending collapse, the shadow of which is now falling across all life on this world. And that is for one to willfully take the hand of Gaia in your own, and return to Her ways of living, and to listen to Her voice and lessons. She is the Mother of not just your life, but all life on this world. And She is deeply wise about how to maintain life in a rich and wonderful bounty of goodness for all living things, with unending resiliency and foresight. This is Her job. This is Her purpose. This is why She is called your Mother. For She can raise you and teach you to be wise in these ways, if you follow Her voice, as all of our ancestors once did.

Yet, the unfortunate truth remains that She cannot save everyone. Not because the means do not exist - they certainly do. No, She cannot save everyone because most will choose a different path. They will not will it to be their future. And so, they will die, for trying to join with a force and live in a way that is not natural. No force can override the choice of free will. People can choose to be the divine person they were born to be, with their divine purpose, or they can choose something else. No one can force you. You can choose to do horrible things, or die, or nothing at all. This is the burden of existence - to make the right choice, according to your own true nature. And no one else can do that for you.

Of course, when given a correct understanding of one's self, and one's purpose, and one's place in life, very few would make the wrong choice which goes against who they are, and their own good self-interest. And it is easy to see that those who do the good thing and become who they are supposed to be then have something greater to contribute to life and others as well. And the bounty of life grows and multiplies in this simple way, as can be seen so simply and purely in nature. All life in the lush forest contributes and supports all other life in a web of continuous and bountiful existence, in perpetuity.

Yet this clarity concerning one's own self is rarely evident in the people of today. And the reason for this is a very simple one, but simultaneously one that most modern people are not willing to accept as something real and actual. And it is that humanity has predators.

It is a sad truth that humanity, generally speaking, is absolutely blind to the real powers which shape and control their existence. There are no accidents in Nature. All things have purpose. One either fulfills one's purpose, or one fulfills some other one's purpose. All things will be used, in the end, in the web of life and death. There is no escape from purpose and use. In fact, there is no freedom at all, as popularly understood in modern times. It is a lie and illusion. There is only the choice to discover, pursue and ultimately be what one is supposed to be, or one chooses to be something else, in service of something else. There is no middle state.

One can see this reflected in the need for all life to consume, in one way or another, in order to continue its existence. There is absolutely no point in bemoaning or denying this simple fact. For if one were to try and cease consuming other life, then one would simply die and become food, themselves. There is no escape from the cycle of life. There is only acceptance and participation which results in sustained goodness and bounty, or there is the succumbing to weakness and death, and becoming food for something else. And in this case of which we are speaking, becoming food for something quite nefarious and destructive, not just to yourself, but to all of life on Gaia as well.

Identifying the adversaries

In life, biologically speaking, one can easily see that there are predators, and there are prey. And there are parasites and there are hosts. Predators consume their hosts, ending their life in order to continue their own. Parasites hide near or within the body of another, feeding upon the life of that body without usually killing it. But what most of humanity is blind to is the fact that we, as a species also have predators and parasites. But unlike the simple ones we often see in nature, the enemies of our existence are very intelligent and crafty in their predation and move unseen amongst us, influencing us and shaping us to their advantage. Just as the simple farmer has learned to domesticate livestock, so to is humanity controlled in the same way. The farmer removes the animals from their natural environment and natural ways. The farmer keeps them penned and removes their own ability to feed themselves. The farmer then supplies the food to the animals, who become absolutely dependent upon the farmer for their existence. Instead of bonding to their herd and expressing their instincts in nature, they now have a new surrogate existence dependent upon the will of a farmer, and bond to him, eventually.

After some time of living in this way, the animals will seek to adapt to these new unnatural conditions. Life adapts. Life seeks a way to survive, at all costs. Life will attempt to adapt to whatever food is available, in whatever conditions - even if that food or those conditions are undesirable, just for the chance that some life will find some way to survive and move forward. And so it is with the livestock. Even given the chance to leave their pen, most become very afraid and return every day to the pen for food, even after running loose for a while. For the Hand That Feeds has changed for the animals. The Hand That Feeds has been forced from nature and Gaia, to that of the farmer. And it is no different for today's people. (See the Hand That Feeds for a further understanding of this phenomena and how it affects humanity and life.)

Now, it is important to understand that those who predate upon humanity understand very well the power of the Hand That Feeds. It is the main weapon used against humanity in this war. For, indeed, it is a war - a war against your ability to freely choose to be what you were born to be, free from coercion and manipulation from these predators. For humanity shares brotherhood with the animals of this world, but also has a higher spiritual potentiality than our animal brothers and sisters. And that higher spiritual potentiality, when realized, manifests as a greater awareness and consciousness about one's self, one's place in life, and the ability to question and understand not just our own purpose, but the greater purpose of all things. This is necessary because humans, generally speaking, are meant to function as Guardians of Life upon the face of Gaia. In Gaia's body, our purpose is akin to that of white blood cells in our own bodies. We have the potential to increase our awareness and consciousness so that we can identify, correct and expunge degeneration and corruption within Her Body. We are given special judgment in this regard, which our animal brothers and sisters do not possess. When this potentiality begins to bloom, we are able to forego or delay immediate gratification for some greater purpose. We are able to see and plan for problems before they actually arise. We are able to identify and uncover those forces and beings which seek to corrupt the very goodness of life itself, in all of its ugly multitudes of form and manifestation. And it is this potentiality, specifically, which the enemies of humanity seek to curtail, corrupt and change for their own ends.

Therefore, the enemies of humanity use the principle of the Hand That Feeds against our animal selves, seeking to curtail the manifestation of higher consciousness within the people, who thereby become the equivalent of farm animals for their use. When humans are put in emergency situations of fear and survival, the higher powers of the spirit, and the powers of good judgment afforded by them, are greatly diminished in favor of the animal instincts necessary for survival. Humans then become much more reactionary, simple, defensive and primitive in their decision-making process. They make poorer decisions than normal, they make greater compromises, and they are more likely to succumb to pressures of coercion, violence and abuse perpetuated upon them. This abuse, in turn, imprints the animal behavioral reactionary complexes to react instead of think, out of fear and anxiety. And through this process, humanity is 'domesticated' into a herd of prey-animals, moved this way and that by fear, obeying whatever the Hand That Feeds commands of them, conscious now only of the base animalistic hope of survival.

In addition, the animal appetites are yoked by these predators in order to curtail the potential of the higher functions which human beings are capable of. Lust, greed, gluttony, and debauchery in every form are not only encouraged, but completely fostered within systems of consumerism, marketing and entertainment which dominate the people as the Hand That Feeds. Because of this, the people come to know these things as life, and the reason for their lives, having never lived outside of the pens of modern society. Life adapts to these ways. People learn the fact that living in these systems which they have been born into requires deceit, cruelty and competition for resources. In short, they learn to exploit their fellow humans and the world around them in order to survive, just as they are being exploited. And all of this is now reinforced and cemented in place by the augmented reality of technology, smart devices, and artificial intelligence which captures the attention and consciousness of all the animals in the pen. This final layer controls what the animal sees and feels through the windows of technology, giving feedback about what is happening and how they should respond, adding the final devastating layer of control upon the animal parts of our being from which most will never escape.

Much can and will be said concerning the state in which humans find themselves in today. For understanding what has been done to oneself is a fundamental part of the Reclamation. But for the moment, let us focus on what one should do, if one wishes to achieve true autonomy from the forces which enslave mankind today. And also let us realize that the situation which humanity finds itself mired in is also one built over time, layer by layer by layer. These layers of enslavement and dependencies are woven into our modern systems of life in an effort to make true autonomy, which is self-reliance, feel too daunting to actually contemplate. Their systems of control are intentionally designed to make you compromise your personal freedom through dependencies and fear; and on this journey, one will realize this personally in many different areas of life, as you begin to uncover their many points of parasitic control. And you will also discover that being responsible for oneself is not only easier than they make it out to be, but something which is completely empowering and liberating.

The New Indigene

So, knowing what we now know, let us begin with a seemingly simple, clear and innocent statement of intent. The New Indigene is a method of living which represents an attempt to return to that greater consciousness of Spirit. This is a real potentiality within humanity, realized by re-establishing the Hand That Feeds to that of our Mother Gaia, and rejoining with our original purpose as Guardians of Life therein.

It seems like such a simple prospect, one which was easily inaugurated and accomplished thousands of years ago, but almost impossible to even begin to approximate in this modern, industrial world. First, there is the problem of land, without which no interaction with Gaia is possible. Most people today do not own any land which will allow for their own survival, and cannot afford to purchase some in their area. And then when one does own it, it will forever be at risk from non-payment of taxes, and potential imminent domain land-grabs by local municipalities. Money is the first, oldest and most difficult layer of control which will confront the burgeoning Ophidian who seeks a return to Indigene. (Please read The Money Lords for a historical and philosophical understanding of the absolute evil unleashed by the concept of 'money', and strategies for combating this control system.)

A person can do much to prepare themselves for the point when they finally get their land. One can begin to think of the myriad of ways in which one is dependent upon systems of control for the very necessities of life. How do I grow my own food? What should I grow? What grows in my area? And perhaps more importantly: how did the local indigenous people live in this part of the world? How did the people live in your area without electricity? How did they store their food? How did they make their clothes? How did they build their shelters? Once one begins to contemplate these questions, you will find that there really is no end to them. Remember to always look at tradition in your area for guidance. Most often things were done a certain way because thousands of people over time concluded that was the best and most efficient way to accomplish a task, so it became a tradition. Innovation, experimentation and novelty is a common pastime in the modern era, but you will quickly find that when one is actually living from the land, novelty rarely trumps tradition when it comes to survival.

One should be prepared to spend many years re-skilling and re-learning old ways of doing things. Remember that in times past, people were raised in a family who were already living from the land with a full complement of tools, skills and inherited traditions to help them survive in their local area, and a child would learn these skills as they grew up. This was the real 'school' which prepared them for actual life. Most people in the modern world are woefully unprepared for the change in perspective that will take place over time as one transitions back to living from the land. And the number of skills one needs may seem overwhelming at first.

The same of which can be said for one's physical fitness. The work required to fully live from the Hand of Gaia can seem impossible to the soft, modern westerner. It is a very physical life. Again, if one were born into this life from childhood, it would seem very normal and one's body would already be strong enough and have enough endurance that the work of living would not seem so daunting at all. The situation is similar to a person who first begins to take up jogging in their late 30's. They will have no-where near the capacity to run great distances as easily as someone who has been running long-distance their entire life. To the athlete it is easy. To the average modern person, it is physically impossible. Moving back to land and beginning to work it can often feel the same.

So, the answer for both of these problems, how to acquire the great number of skills one needs, and how to develop the bodily strength and endurance of an indigenous person, have the same solution: perseverance and patience. We are used to multi-tasking and hyper-efficiency in the modern world. We are used to worrying about productivity, about paying attention to multiple information-streams at the same time, and juggling many different tasks at once, all while machines help us keep track of tasks and decisions and everything else. It is almost as if people have been placed into a permanent emergency state, and don't even realize it. Going back to the land, and learning to live as your ancestors did is almost the exact opposite experience. If you take these modern approaches and try to apply them to nature, you will almost certainly be very frustrated with the results. Instead, you must learn to slow down, focus on one thing at a time, be patient, accept imperfection, be ready to adjust your goals to fit what is actually possible, and have many back-up plans and solutions. But mostly, slow down. And then learn to focus for longer periods of time on one thing at a time. This is terribly important, and cannot be over-stated.

In order to deal with the over-whelming number of things one must experience and learn in nature, and how one must adapt their behaviors and bodies to these new conditions, the answer is to take it slow, learning one or two things at a time. This transition from modernity will take many, many years. Do not think you can do it in a year, or even a decade. Realize that this is a process of life that you are re-learning and reintegrating into, and not just a checklist of tasks on a to-do list. So pick a few things that delight you, or are important to you, or that you have determined are absolutely important for you to achieve at this point in your transition, and begin to learn how to do them. Understanding that you will be straddling two worlds for a long time as you transition - the modern world of technology and money and dependency and stress and governmental compliance on one hand, and the old world of freedom and self-sufficiency and contentment and genuine life experiences on the other.

The process of learning about and acquiring skills for survival will lead you into greater and greater areas of interest, as you discover the absolute endless and wonderful ways people have grown food, constructed tools, made clothes, and made a wide variety of homes and living structures in the past. In all of this activity, it is important to not lose sight, also, of the spiritual. In the same way that one's experience with living life will shift when one begins to journey from the modern world back to nature, so too will one's spiritual experience begin to shift as well. Spirituality, if it exists at all in the modern word, is often intellectual, random, symbolic and an after-thought to life. It is something one does once in a while, if there are practices at all, and which has been completely dis-integrated from one's modern life of jobs, entertainment, distraction and consumption.

As before, it is completely the opposite when living from the Hand of Gaia. There are many spiritual skills, senses and abilities of communication which have been lost to humanity with the adoption of a world based upon technology, consumption and entertainment. These spiritual skills, too, are many and can be re-learned if one has patience and persistence. The first and most important connection back to the natural, spiritual world of Gaia is through interaction with what is termed the Genius Loci. [Pronounced: Jee-nee-us low-kee or Jee-nee-us low-kai, depending on the dialect.] This is simply a latin phrase which means Spirit of a Place. And this important concept will, in actuality, be you gateways to all other spiritual beings and powers in nature. It will be the means of communication and experience with those realms, and also a great source of strength and sustenance and information in its own right. And best of all, it will be something you help to create and develop on your land, in your own way, according to your own nature and Spirit.

The subject of Genius Loci, its establishment, upkeep, and uses, is such a wide-ranging and important concept that there will be a great many writings found here on its various aspects and processes. Again, like all things with your change from a modern person to an indigenous person, take it slowly, follow your heart, and have meaningful experiences. You, and your family which lives on the land with you, are the nexus for this budding Genius Loci. You are the builders and keepers of this doorway into the spiritual side of nature and the guardians of it. And in time, you will become the spiritual ancestors which future generations will turn to for support and guidance as they continue the journey through life which you have begun for them. Always remember that your life, your actions and your experiences have meaning for future generations of your people. Without you, they cannot exist. Without your involvement, they have no future. Without the wisdom you are now fostering, they will have no guidance. And this is the final, and most fulfilling goal of the New Indigene: the Reclamation of the continuum of existence for humanity, from the hand of Gaia. A meaningful chain of life, from generation unto generation, Spirit to Spirit, increasing goodness and bounty down through time, for your people. A people which have come from you.

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