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On Liberty

The little reactionary Aquarian people of this Age have degenerated in two opposing ways, which is appropriate for the time of Fixed Air. On one hand, the weak have been driven by their master Fear to give up all personal Liberty unto slave lords and executioners who promise them that if they submit unto them, they will be saved from death. They use the guise of science to drive the people with fear. This is the same old playbook from ages past - the use of fear of death in order to enslave, while promising salvation. And of course, their salvation requires that there is one who is a savior unto them. And this savior, naturally, is nothing more than Jesus is a fresh white lab coat.

On the other hand, you have those who see this ruse, and rebel against it - not with appropriate violence unto those who seek their death. No. They respond only with words, with alarm, riding through the communities on their digital horses screaming this or that in order to try and shake awake with their words those who are in a coma of fear. Unfortunately, the image of a horrible and totalitarian future which they correctly try to shake the weak ones awake with is simply more fear to the ears of the weak - and a fear which the Slave Lords have already promised against. So, all of their shouting of warnings concerning the horrors to come fall on truly deaf ears. And to make matters worse, those ones who are in opposition to the slave lords are further divided against themselves into two main camps: the Christians and the Libertarians.

The Christians cry out concerning their own persecution at the hands of the weak and degenerate filth of the political left, who are in turn controlled by the demon lords. It is important to note that the Christian's perception of the circumstance they find themselves in is not untrue. And yet, how is it any different than what they had done to those pagans of the ancient world when their ancestors, the wretched Ichthyos, seized their power in the beginning centuries of the last Aeon? They are fond of preaching "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." So, it is wholly appropriate that they should suffer what they, themselves, have sown in their own quest for power. What is being done to them is exactly what they have done to others.

And finally, there are the rebellious Libertarians of one stripe or another, whose only cry is for freedom at any cost. Yet their cry of freedom is a deceit, and the same one the Slave Lords have used to capture the souls of so many degenerates on the political left. They have all fashioned the concept of Liberty anew, in the Air, and rebranded it with the meaning of modern personal freedom, which is to do anything one wants, and to believe anything one wants. This is what they all fight for, with all of their will - and in fact it is the only thing many of them will fight for. But this ideal of freedom as doing and believing anything which one wants to is fundamentally flawed in its core and self-contradictory, as are all concepts created out of thin Air.

For they have pitted the concept of their personal freedom against the truth of their purpose of incarnation.

This is why they are all ineffectual, weak, degenerate, and why they will fail in all of their endeavors, including any form of self-preservation.

So, it falls upon us, the Ophidians, to restore not only the true meaning, but also the true purpose, of Liberty. For our goddess is a goddess of liberty, the Great Liberating Mother, Herself. Her very being is one which emanates Liberty - liberty in life, liberty in Spirit, liberty in being. This Liberty is one of the Virtues of Spirit, which you have inherited upon your incarnation into flesh. This Liberty is inherited in your incarnation by means of your own Spirit. Your flesh was prepared to bear this and imprinted with this Liberty at your conception. You bear this Truth within your incarnate being, this Truth of your own Spirit, which is unique unto you, alone. And what is this Truth, exactly? It is the Purpose of your Incarnation. It is the Will of your Spirit. It is your Divine Purpose. That is your Truth. And Liberty is the freedom to pursue and fulfill that purpose within your incarnation.

Liberty is not the freedom to be anything one wants to be, or to do drugs, or to fornicate with whomever or whatever one wants, or to do nothing at all. Liberty is not the freedom to make up imaginary identities about one's self, one's body or one's physicality. Liberty is expressly not the freedom to believe in falsehoods, untruths, deceptions, lies and deceits - no matter how many people you can convince to pretend they are true. Liberty is not the freedom to impose one's Truth or purpose upon another who knows and pursues their Truth. All degeneracy, filth, disharmony and conflict comes from the willful denial of one's Truth, or the attempt to restrict it in others.

There is a harmony of purpose, image, intent, form and function which emanates from the divine Spirit all the way down to the flesh. There is no deceit, confusion of purpose, or retardation within the harmony of this emanation, unless outside influences corrupt the autonomy of the process of incarnation. Unfortunately, a great many things exist which seek to disrupt this harmony of Spirit at this time. These things attack the body through disease, addiction, genetic corruption, and malformation in cellular growth. They attack the emotions with fears, apathy, discontent, self-loathing, and a myriad of indignities. They attack the mind with obsessions, distractions, extremism, fantasy, dysphoria, fragmentation and endless identity confusions. And the minions of disruption design systems of government and social interaction which discourage the presence and authority of Spirit and institute their own systems of dominion, seeking at every turn to make you dependent upon them for sustenance, well-being, and protection.

And yet, the answer to all of these problems is very simple. It is to serve. To the modern listener it may seem like an immediate and obvious contradiction, due to the way in which they have been programmed to think about the world. How can one achieve freedom if one is serving something else? Isn't that just slavery?

The Great Liberating Mother once said, "You should make a choice concerning what you're going to serve - because you will serve something. Everything alive serves something, even Me. Do you understand? You either serve your Spirit, or you serve everything else. Serve your fear. Serve your upset. Serve your corruption. But you will serve something."

Your Persona, your mundane self, has many things it is concerned with: its own survival, its bodily needs, its lusts, desires, fears, and on and on. It must be made to serve your Truth. It must be disciplined against the corruption of outside influence, in body, emotions, mind and soul, which is the place where those incarnate things meet the Spirit. It must learn to separate itself from the influence of others, and become responsible for itself and its own well-being in an autonomous manner, no longer reliant on others for its own well-being on any level. Only then will one begin to truly see the web of influences in modern times which seek to enslave your being for its own uses, through great deceits and vacuous rationalizations.

An image of the Great Liberating Mother with the Crown of Seven upon Her Head, bearing the Torch of the Liberty of Spirit, stands as guardian over this land. And the forefathers of this dying nation spoke Her Words true, when they said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" They speak of the Truth of Spirit, which is inalienable from one's incarnation, which guaranties the incarnation of one's life, one's Liberty which is one's divine purpose here, the accomplishment of which is the only true and lasting happiness which one should ever pursue.

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